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Der Internet-Taubenschlag hilft!
Der Internet-Taubenschlag hilft!
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Internet Meisterschaft

Conditions international Internet-Chamionship old birds 2012

The international Internet-Champinship shall give the opportunity to compete with other fanciers on intenational level not only on national. Especially the internet community shall bring fanciers from different countries together.

1. Participating pigeons

Only old birds are judged which have a ring from the year 2012 or earlier.

2. Races

Only one race per week (Wednesday to Tuesday ) will be recognized and judged. The scores from several resultlists ( eg. clubs, regional or district results) were accepted. From several resultlists which are made for a race, the best pricelist can be chosen. The results of all accepted lists can be aquired of one race. The program choses automatically the best score.

The 8 best race will rank among the championship.

All races which fullfill the championship rules have to be acquired. They have to be acquired even if they donīt count to the best 8 races.

3. Minimum requirements

The minimum distance for a race is 100 km (resultlist range). The minimum pigeonnumber in this contest (pricelist) are 200 basketed pigeons.

4. Number of scoring pigeons

The fastest pigeons are scoring. The number depends on the basketed pigeons from a loft in a race. The scoring birds are calculated as follows:

Basketed pigeons

Scoring birds









And so on


5. Ranking

The loft with the average lowest coefficient is international Internet-Master. The coefficient for one race is calculated as follows:

(achieved price reffered to the list x 100) / basketed pigeons reffered to the list
(number of pigeons in the score)

6. Application for championship

Every loft has to register himself with a special formular in the Internet-Taubenschlag. Every loft that participates is only allowed to register once. If someone is registerd in the past years, he is not allowed to register once more and has to use the registration that is in use. A first time registration is possible everytime. If there are any problems please contact the organizer of the Internet-Championship.

Races that are older then 10 days before registration couldnīt be counted.

Each fancier or at least a member of the community or a direct family member has to have an own e-mail-account. A participation without is not possible.

The ranking is shown in the Internet-Taubenschlag.

Each fancier is commiting weekly to notify the scored pigeons with an Online-Form, at least 10 days after race. Thatīs the only way the scorelist can be held up-to-date.
If there are any problems with the online-forms contact the organizer.

7. Verfication of the results

After the end of the racing season the scores and the ranking have to be checked and be approved by the organizer of the race. In Germany it is the president of the club. If the fancier is the president for himself, a vice-president has to do the job. The approving form is provided from the onlinesystem and has to be send in the next 30 days after ending of the season and latest until 30. September 2012. If the name of the participant is not clearly recognised with his e-mail-adress, there has to be an record of the internetprovider.

8. Organisational stuff

Cheating during the registration or within the acquirement of the scores lead to disqualification.

The most important thing during an internet-championship is cummunication with e-mail. Each participant is commiting to check his e-mail-account (as given within registration) regular.

If an e-mail-account is not valid, communication with the participant is impossible. The participant will be blocked temporary , until he gets in contact with the organizer.

The contact-e-mail is:

9. Liability

The organizer does not garante the correctness of the figured datas. Furthermore he does not take liability for any adversities, who occured directly or indirectly causing of wrong delivered or calculated datas. There is no demand for the availability of the online-system. The organizer keeps the right to acompass course and requirements.

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