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23.01.2012 Thailand Grand Pigeon Race
Thailand Grand Pigeon Race 2012 -
Deutscher Koordinator Rolf Bender

Dear Fancier,

I have been advised by both Mr. Gommaire Verbruggen and Mr Rolf Bender to contact you regarding the placement of the message/race brochure of our fifth one loft race to be staged in the third week of December 2012. Entries to the loft are accepted from now until end of May this year.

Mr. Rolf Bender has kindly agreed to be our coordinator for Germany for this coming race. In case you need to contact him, his home and email addresses are as follow:

Rolf Bender
Silbergasse 14
74889 Hoffenheim / Sinsheim

Tel.-Nr. 0172 / 63 23 55 2

High light of our race are:

- Limited paid entry of 1600 birds only, no free participation or organizerís unlimited entries
- High payout ratio with the first prize in final of 27,000 Euros + 4000 Euros if the winner is a nominated bird plus several other prizes in three hot spot races.
- Very small entry fee of only Euro 100 per bird or 6 for Euro 500 (average Euro 83 per bird) plus transportation cost (which would include Euro 15 collector/coordinator's fee).
Shipping cost may be different country from country.
- Genuine King Cup for the first prize winner plus trophies and money prizes for the first three positions among all entries from Europe
- Coverage in major media such as PIPA website.

Attached herewith is our 2012 race brochure in English which does not have Rolf Bender name as coordinator for Germany because the brochure was printed before we met Rolf. May be you would kindly write a passage to introduce our race and mention Rolf name in there. Attached also is our banner you can use to establish link to our website:

Thank you so much for your kind consideration to provide space for our message in your prestigious website.

Kindest regards,

Sornthep Gomutputra
First Vice Chairman
Thailand Grand Pigeon Race 2012

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