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Pigeon Banner Exchange

Make your homepage known on the Internet with the free Pigeon Banner Exchange. Your homepage will be advertised by displaying your banner graphic on another Internet page. If your banner appeals to observers visually (and in content), they only have to click on your banner to immediately get to your page. By registering you are probably participating in the most successful form of Internet promotion.

This banner exchange was designed specifically for pigeon fanciers and their friends. That is the advantage of our banner exchange: your target group will be addressed directly.

This is how it works.

After registering you will receive an HTML code in your e-mail. Place it in a highly visible spot on your home page. While downloading your homepage, the banner graphic of another Pigeon Banner Exchange member will be downloaded. By clicking on this banner, the homepage of the other member will be downloaded.

The same goes for your banner graphic. When its turn has come, it will be displayed to all other members. However, display to other members must be earned first.You will be credited with 3 impressions for every 4 impressions on your homepage. You can easily increase your account by inserting the HTML code into as many pages as possible using subcodes. However, for the sake of fairness, a reload block is built in. Repeated downloads on one page are only counted once.

A detailed statistic is available so that you can follow the impressions and click throughs on your banner. You can keep current with password protected access.

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Translation: Michael Osmann

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