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Why advertise on the Internet?

There is almost no other medium that will deliver information faster to clients than the Internet. Product information can be downloaded world-wide without delay. With the right advertisment server you can target your clients directly.

What is banner advertising?

Banners are graphics with images and text that advertise products on Internet pages with known addresses. They should attract attention and make statements. The size of the graphic is 468x60 pixels. That is about one screen width (at low resolution). The banner is placed very visibly on the appropriate pages. Businesses with an Internet presence are capable of contacting the homepage with one click on the banner.

Where can you advertise?

A strongly frequented Internet address that is often visited by clients is important for advertising on the Internet. The Internet Pigeon Loft (, as the meeting place for racing pigeon breeders on the Internet, is predestined for efficient advertising on the medium of the future.

More and more German and international racing pigeon breeders are becoming aware of the Internet Pigeon Loft through direct actions and, therefore, attention is directed to your products.

The banners are placed on every page in an appealing way and are changed on a rotating basis after every page download. This way no banner is fixed permanently on a particular page and provides interactivity to the client.

The Pigeon Banner Exchange is another market place for pigeon breeders. Your advertising banner will be aimed at the buyers of your products.


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